The world record for holding your breath is 24 minutes

Aleix Segura Vendrell (born in 1986, Barcelona) is a multiple World Champion freediver (and it’s 24 min 3.45 secs to be exact…)


In the 1960s NASA-funded scientists tried to teach dolphins to speak

In the 60s a NASA-funded a project to teach dolphins to speak which involved flooding a house and living with them. One researcher even developed n intimate relationship with one of the dolphins.

Dolphins were claimed to have learnt words such as “ball” and “diamond” but struggled with the letter “m”.

There is no offical football pitch size

Football (soccer) pitches are all different sizes. There are only minimum and maximum lengths:

Min length: 90m  —  Max length: 120m

Min width: 45m — Max width: 90m

The length must be longer than the width. So theoretically you could have a pitch that’s 90m x 89m.

One of the longest pitches is Hull’s KC Stadium Hull City AFC at 114 metres

Before alarm clocks Knocker-Uppers stayed up all night and tapped on people’s windows to wake them up

Originally they used to knock on people’s doors but realised that they were creating such a commotion that some neighbours got woken up for free, so over time they changed their approach and lightly tapped on the upstairs bedroom window with long sticks or used peashooters.

Watch a video of a knocer-upper here: